Vietnamese Countryside Beef Salad - Gỏi Bò Đồng Quê

Vietnamese Countryside Beef Salad - Gỏi Bò Đồng Quê

By Helen Le Published: February 11, 2022

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Ready In: 30 mins

  • Yield: 2 - 3 Servings

The succulent and tender beef blends with the fresh and crisp green vegetables to create an appealing appetizer that you can't afford to miss.

  • Marinate the beef with stock powder, pepper, 1tsp sugar, vegetable oil, 2tsp minced lemongrass.
  • Soak the sliced shallots and lemongrass in the mixture of 1 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp vinegar.
  • Peel the green bananas then thinly slice (soak immediately in salted water to prevent darkening). Trim the edges of the star fruit then cut crosswise into thin slices. Also, cut the Vietnamese eggplants in half (soak in salted water).
  • To make the dressing: Combine minced garlic and chilis with 2 tbsp of kumquat juice. In another bowl, combine 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp fish sauce, mix well. Then add in the kumquat with garlic and chilis mixture. Mix well. Add in some roasted sesame seeds (optional).
  • In a pan, heat up some oil, sauté some minced garlic until fragrant then remove and transfer to another bowl. Quickly add the beef into the remaining oil in the same pan, toss well and cook over high heat until no longer pink.
  • Take off the heat and add the roasted sesame seeds. Leave to cool.
  • To serve: Arrange all the vegetables on a platter: the fresh herbs, pineapple slices, rinsed bananas and green star fruits, the pickled shallots and lemongrass. Top with the stir-fried beef and garnish with the fried garlic and the curly chili strips.
  • Before serving, add the dressings and toss well. You can serve with prawn or rice crackers.

Vietnamese Countryside Beef Salad – Gỏi Bò Đồng Quê – Watch how to make it on Youtube