Welcome to Helen's Masterclass

A Unique Cultural Journey through Vietnamese Cooking

Founded by Helen Le, a renowned food expert and YouTuber with over 1 million social media followers, this interactive cooking class will empower you to create authentic and flavorful dishes that capture the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. With Helen’s expert guidance and personalized feedback from our team of well-trained instructors, you will be able to expand your culinary skills and explore the rich and diverse flavors of Vietnam. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, this class provides the perfect opportunity to discover the magic of Vietnamese cooking.

What you will learn

logo trắng k nền

Differences between the various types of fish sauce through a tasting session

Types of Vietnamese Noodles and which type to use for which dish

How to identify Vietnamese herbs by leaf

How to pair sauces and herbs with a dish

How to cook with seasonal ingredients

How to achieve balance in a Vietnamese dish

Regional variations in Vietnamese cuisine

Class Menus

Classic Menu

▪️ Savory crepes (Bánh xèo in two regional variations)

▪️ A classic Vietnamese noodle dish (Pho Ga/My Quang/Bun Bo Xao)

▪️ Banana pudding (Che Chuoi)

Exotic Menu

▪️ Frog and ambarella salad (Goi ech coc xanh)

▪️ Local Quang noodle with jelly fish (My Quang Sua)

▪️ Vietnamese salt coffee (Ca Phe Muoi)


Full Agenda of each class

Welcome drink featuring seasonal ingredients

Studio tour

Fish sauce tasting and nuoc cham making

Making an appetizer

Identifying Vietnamese herbs by leaf

Pairing sauce and herbs with Viet food

Types of Vietnamese noodles

Making a Vietnamese noodle dish

Achieving balance in Vietnamese cuisine

Making a traditional Vietnamese dessert/drink

Takeaway gifts:

Helen’s recommended list of places to eat in Da Nang
An e-certificate of completion
A full stomach and tons of great memories

Class Details

Discover the Magic of Vietnamese Cuisine with our Masterclass

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Class size: 4-8 participants (For larger group size, please enquire)
  • Venue: Pho & My Cooking Studio (800m from Pham Van Dong Beach, Da Nang)
  • Class schedule: Check availability here
  • Pick-up and drop off: upon request with surcharge

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