Videos by Helen Le

Besides my love for food, I also have another equally passionate passion, which is traveling and exploring new and exciting destinations. Spending nights camping in lush green hills, admiring sunsets while listening to acoustic music by the beach, relaxing in herbal spa spaces, or having fun with my kids at eco-tourism resorts… each experience brings me a lot of inspiration to recharge and be more creative in my work.


For a long time, my friends have trusted my taste, often asking for recommendations on places to visit, beautiful cafes, delicious restaurants, or where to buy cooking ingredients… This gave me the idea of creating a series of articles called “One Destination Every Week” to share with everyone all the places I love, trust, and have had positive experiences with. It’s wonderful for me to be able to do what I love and also help others with reliable information, don’t you think?

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Exploring Da Nang: Unveiling the Charm of Central Vietnam