About me


I was born and raised in Da Nang, a stunning coastal city in the heart of Vietnam, to a family of educators. Growing up with a deep appreciation for culinary arts and Vietnamese cuisine in particular, I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and later obtained a Master’s Degree in the same field from Hamburg University in Germany. Inspired by my passion for Vietnamese food, I embarked on my own culinary journey by establishing my YouTube cooking channel, Helen’s Recipes, where I could document and share my love for Vietnamese cuisine.

Initially, Helen’s Recipes started off as a small endeavor, but it quickly gained popularity. I remained dedicated to the channel, consistently creating and releasing new content, which helped me expand my loyal fan base. As a result, I garnered significant attention from the media, unofficially becoming an ambassador for Da Nang and Vietnamese cuisine. I also achieved recognition as a top-four finalist in the Influence Asia Award 2017, as well as being ranked in the top five for Seoul Fusion Hansik Cooking Contest. Additionally, I have had the honor of serving as a content creator and YouTube ambassador in Vietnam.

In addition to my online presence, I have authored a series of cookbooks available in English, Vietnamese, and Chinese. With five titles already published under my name and the sixth one in the works, my aim is to provide comprehensive guides to Vietnamese cuisine while maintaining the essence of our rich culinary traditions.

As Helen’s Recipes continued to thrive, exciting opportunities presented themselves. In 2019, I was appointed as the Culinary Ambassador for the Sheraton Grand Danang Resort. I have also appeared on numerous television cooking programs, including “7-minute breakfasts” on VTV, “Home-cooked Vietnam,” and “Home-cooked Asia” on AFC, among others.

Combining my background in business administration and marketing with my passion for Vietnamese cuisine, I am on a mission to showcase Vietnamese food to the world in a professional manner. I firmly believe that Vietnamese cuisine is poised to make a significant impact on the international food scene, and I am fully committed to making that dream a reality. Through my work on Helen’s Recipes and various other branding projects, I am dedicated to promoting and sharing the wonders of Vietnamese cuisine with a global audience.