For those planning a trip to Danang and wondering what to eat and where to find the best culinary delights in this vibrant city, or for those who have been to Danang but haven’t experienced all the flavors it has to offer, this blog post is a must-read. Each corner of this small but lively city is a treasure trove of aromatic specialties, from enticing street food to secret recipes passed down through generations. How can you indulge in the full gastronomic map of Danang in just a few days?

With a passion for the local cuisine and a love for the culinary heritage, I have shared numerous mouthwatering dishes and enticing destinations in this region through my weekly series “One Destination every week“. If you haven’t had the time to read through all my articles but need a quick list of recommendations for dining in Danang, I have a small gift for you. Read till the end to claim your gift.

My Recommendations: Over the years, friends from all around have trusted my taste, frequently reaching out to me for recommendations on places to visit, beautiful cafes, and delicious eateries in Danang. Since 2015, I have compiled a list of my favorite dining spots, ones I trust and has had great experiences with, and kept it in a Google Docs file to conveniently share when asked. Little did I know that this file link would be passed on by travelers to many others. In 2022, when the restaurants reopened after the pandemic, the map of tasty eateries in Danang had undergone significant changes. Therefore, I updated the list and is excited to share the latest version with everyone. I hope that these recommendations will help you make the most of your trip to Danang.

Be sure to bookmark the list of must-visit places in Danang here, so you can confidently explore every nook and cranny of Danang and don’t forget to share with me how many delicious specialties you’ve enjoyed in Danang.