Every weekend, choosing where to take their children for entertainment is always a concern for families with young kids. In Danang, the typical choices for kids and families are popular places like Helio Center and shopping centers with playgrounds. However, I decided to spend some time searching for interesting places that would not only provide a fun and educational experience for the kids but also offer a relaxing space for them to unwind and chat. Parents with young children can consider these places, as they may be suitable for their family’s needs.

1. Mirko Coffee and Chill Beer

Just opened in May 2023, Mirko is a delightful coffee and chill beer venue located at the foot of Thuan Phuoc Bridge in Da Nang. Mirko is known for its adorable little animals that children can play with, including bunnies and sheep. They can also enjoy coloring statues and running around in the lush green surroundings. Meanwhile, adults can relax with a beer while admiring the sunset by the Da Nang beach. Every corner of Mirko is charming, so make sure to visit during the golden hour around 5-6pm to capture the most magical photos.

Add: 100 Nguyễn Hữu An, Nại Hiên Đông, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng

2. Indochine Cafe (Furama Resort)

On some “fancy” weekends, you can visit the 5-star resorts along the Danang coastline to enjoy a morning coffee and have fun with your children. The cafes in the resorts usually welcome outside guests, and you can conveniently drop off your kids at the Kid’s Club to let them have a great time. My kids love going to Furama every Sunday morning because they have plenty of new and exciting toys there.

3. Six on Six Cafe

At Six on Six, you can experience a refreshing breakfast in a spacious and green environment, surrounded by lush green leaves, creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, the cafe also has a cute green garden corner where young children can play on slides, swings, and color. It’s a convenient place for the whole family to visit. What could be more wonderful than finding a place where adults can have breakfast and enjoy coffee while chatting, and kids can indulge in their passion for playing?

4. Phúc Drinks

The impressive point of Phuc Drinks, in my opinion, is its cool and spacious space, which includes areas for playing soccer, fishing, and slides. Bringing your kids here ensures they won’t get bored. They can enjoy various games and activities.

Another interesting thing is that the cafe is located near the railway, so occasionally, a train passes by (with barriers for safety), and the kids love standing there, counting the train cars. It’s both funny and adorable. While the kids are having fun, you can order some snacks at reasonable prices to satisfy your taste buds. The cafe is also often decorated according to festival themes, which the kids absolutely adore.

điểm vui chơi trẻ em - Quan cà phê Phúc Drinks

5. Man Thai Wooden Fish Market

This place is not only a hot spot for young people to check-in but also beloved by families with young children. Sometimes, on late afternoons of the weekend, we take our kids to the wooden fish market to enjoy the sea view. We sit on colorful lazy chairs, savoring the refreshing coconut water, while the kids have the opportunity to play with sand and swings. It’s a gentle and relaxing combination for the weekend, isn’t it? You can bring your kids here to try it out; they will surely love it.

điểm vui chơi trẻ em Đà Nẵng - Chợ cá gỗ Mân Thái

6. Dong Dinh Museum

Nestled in the tranquil Son Tra forest, the museum is surrounded by green trees and the sound of flowing streams, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. When entering the museum, I immediately felt the essence of ancient times brought to life in the eco-friendly space amidst the natural beauty and modern art and culture. During the visit, we took Mỳ and Phở, who were incredibly thrilled to be close to nature, breathing in the fresh air. It was a complete outdoor excursion!



điểm vui chơi trẻ em Đà Nẵng - Bảo tàng Đồng Đình

7. Selfwing V-Garden – Japanese Education Nursery Garden

This place combines a traditional Japanese-style wooden house, a natural grassy area, and a coffee space for families. It’s like a cool green garden with a spacious courtyard where kids can run and play freely. There’s also an indoor corner for children to read books and play with Lego. Occasionally, they organize interesting workshops for kids. Every time I take my kids here, I can relax knowing that they have various areas to explore and play, while we parents can enjoy a cup of coffee.

Although it’s slightly far from the city center, this place is worth taking your kids to for a unique experience!

These are some of the places in Danang that I often takes my kids to for weekend fun. With these suggestions, hopefully, everyone will no longer worry or hesitate when it comes to taking our children out for entertainment on weekends. Additionally, you can read more about delicious food and exciting destinations in Danang through a series of “One destination a week” articles on my website. Wishing you and your family many happy and enjoyable moments together!