Vietnamese Food with Helen’s Recipes

The first & most interactive Vietnamese cookbook ever!

With link to video demo on YouTube for each and every recipe!

Instant feedback from the author for any question you might have!

All instructions in English. Vietnamese Version here (Sách nấu ăn phiên bản tiếng Việt ở đây)


This book has been featured many times on Vietnam Television

  • Thời sự 23h (News in Vietnamese) on VTV1 (watch here from 10:12) on 23/02/2015
  • Bản tin tiếng Việt (News in Vietnamese) on  VTV4 (watch here) on 23/02/2015
  • Le Journal (News in French) on VTV4 (watch here) on 01/01/2015
  • Culture Mosaic (Program in English) on VTV4



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The cookbook is available both as an eBook and a printed book.


This is a digital book in .PDF format. As soon as you buy it, you will instantly be able to download it to your computer – no shipping or duty fees, no wait time – you will be learning about Vietnamese Food within seconds. You can store it on your computer or mobile devices, and have it at your fingertips at all time.

Price:  US$12.99–> Now only $9.99  

Printed version (Paperback)

If you are living in the US, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, or the UK, you can buy the book on Amazon site of your country.


This book is written in English language. The Vietnamese version is here

Why Vietnamese Food?

One of the healthiest cuisines in the world!

CNN listed Vietnamese Cuisine at #3 on the 10 healthiest ethnic cuisines in the world. Our cooking techniques use water or broth instead of oils. It relies less on frying and more on herbs, which makes it lower in calories. Traditional Vietnamese food follows scientific factors for disease prevention and treatment.


Vietnamese cuisine makes extensive use of fresh herbs, spices and aromatics and values the freshness of the ingredients the most.

Balance of flavors

Vietnamese cooking masters the five basic taste sensations — salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami— that give the food depth and intrigue. Every dish brings a harmony of flavors to your palate.

Mostly gluten-free and non-dairy

Most of Vietnamese cakes and desserts are made from rice flour, tapioca starch and glutinous /sticky rice flour which are completely gluten-free. We use mostly coconut milk for desserts and sauces; hence most dishes are dairy-free (except for sweetened condensed milk). So it’s a great choice for those of you who are on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet.

Why Helen’s Recipes?


I was born, grew up and lived in Vietnam till 19. My taste bud has been built on authentic Vietnamese food. So no matter where I cook a Vietnamese dish, the first aim is to make it taste like the food sold or made in Vietnam.

Easy-to-find ingredients

I have cooked all recipes presented in this cookbook when I lived in Germany. So you can trust that ingredients are easy to find — even in the Western world. The cookbook is written in Germany and printed in the USA. (Unless you order on Amazon Europe, then it is printed in EU)

Easy-to-follow and foolproof

My top 1 priority when presenting any recipe is that it is easy-to-follow and foolproof. My recipes are tested by thousands of viewers of Helen’s Recipes Channel on Youtube. You can see testers’ food photos by searching for #HelenRecipes on Instagram

What’s inside?

  • 62 most popular Vietnamese dishes hand-picked by myself
  • step-by-step instruction with photo demo for every step
  • easy access to video demos with QR code and short link for every recipe
  • exact ingredients and measurements in both US and Metric system
  • indication of the dish’s origin
  • useful tips to enhance your chance of success
  • many dishes from central Vietnam that you won’t find in other Vietnamese cookbooks


You can preview the book by clicking here and choose Look inside.

Some reviews that I love

Helen, this is so exciting! You’re not only a dynamite eater/taster & recipe constructor, you’ve made a truly 20th century cookbook — the first one I’ve seen with both links and QR code. I could take my tablet to the kitchen, prop it on the windowsill above the cutting board, and make dinner with you. Science Fiction come true.


This is the best cookbook ive ever seen! so much pictures and information and if i ever wonder how thing should be done, i can just scan and watch! i love it! every cook book from now on should be like this! #genius

amanda dong

I knew it would be good, but it is even better. Very clear instructions with accompanying pictures. I love the QR codes to your videos. I have been collecting cookbooks for decades, but this is the first that has QR codes. Great idea. I also like that you gave measurements in both metric and US systems. Thank you for publishing. I have a feeling it will take its place along side some of my favorite cookbooks.

Lee Barton

I promised to stop buying cookbooks but for this I will make an exception!!!!

Kathi W

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