Nấm đùi gà muối tiêu - Salt & Pepper King oyster mushroom

By Helen Le Published: November 14, 2020

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Ready In: 30 mins

  • Yield: 2-3 Servings

King oyster mushroom is the largest of the oyster mushroom genus. They're hailed for their meaty texture and umami flavour.

  • Cut the king oyster mushroom into finger-sized sticks.
  • Prepare a salt and pepper mix: In a mortar and pestle, combine 1 tsp each of Sichuan peppercorn, black peppercorn and white peppercorn and crush well. Add 1 tsp salt and mix well. Toss the mushroom sticks with some of this salt & pepper mix and set aside.
  • For the batter, you’ll need: ½ cup corn starch, ¼ cup flour, a pinch of salt & pepper, ¾ cup cold water, a pinch of turmeric powder, dried chili (finely chopped) and some chopped scallion. Mix well til smooth.
  • Heat vegetable oil till small bubbles appear around the chopstick standing into it. about 150°C/300°F . Dip the mushroom sticks into the batter, then roll over the bread crumbs. Deep-fry under low heat till golden brown. Then remove with a slotted spoon and toss with the remaining salt & pepper mix while it’s still hot.
  • Serve with lettuce leaves, lime wedges (optional) and a dipping sauce of your choice.